Story Time Themes

April 21- 27

-Family Story Time (Monday): Zoo Animals
-Bookbabies (Tuesday & Wednesday): Hands & Feet
-Toddler Story Time (Tuesday): Birds
-Preschool Story Time (Wednesday): Stuffed Animal Toy Show
-Afternoon Story Time (Wednesday): Trees
-Bookbabies (Thursday): Fish
-Preschool Story Time (Thursday): Good Boy, Fergus (craft)
-Family Story Time (Thursday): It's Not Easy Being Green (craft)


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Story Time Themes

April 14 - 20

-Family Story Time (Monday): Adventure Time
-Bookbabies (Tuesday & Wednesday): Dogs & Cats
-Toddler Story Time (Tuesday): Rainbows
-Preschool Story Time (Wednesday): Friends
-Afternoon Story Time (Wednesday): Fishy Fun!
-Bookbabies (Thursday): Spring
-Preschool Story Time (Thursday): The Rain Came Down
-Family Story Time (Thursday): Twisted Tales


Story Time Themes

April 7 - April 13

-Family Story Time (Monday): Readers' Theater
-Bookbabies (Tuesday & Wednesday): Counting
-Toddler Story Time (Tuesday): Clean Up!
-Preschool Story Time (Wednesday): Head to Toe
-Afternoon Story Time (Wednesday): All Kinds of Pets
-Bookbabies (Thursday): Bedtime Blues
-Preschool Story Time (Thursday): Alice the Fairy
-Family Story Time (Thursday): Mouth Sounds


Story Time Themes

March 31 - April 6

-Family Story Time (Monday): Rockin' Robots (craft)
-Bookbabies (Tuesday & Wednesday): Farm Animals
-Toddler Story Time (Tuesday): Pets
-Preschool Story Time (Wednesday): Bears
-Afternoon Story Time (Wednesday): Jungle Fun
-Bookbabies (Thursday): Zoo Animals
-Preschool Story Time (Thursday): David Gets in Trouble
-Family Story Time (Thursday): Readers' Theater


Story Time Themes

March 24 - 30

-Family Story Time (Monday): Fear of the Dark
-Bookbabies (Tuesday & Wednesday): Spring
-Toddler Story Time (Tuesday): That's Funny! (craft)
-Preschool Story Time (Wednesday): Under the Sea (craft)
-Afternoon Story Time (Wednesday): Favorites
-Bookbabies (Thursday): Shapes
-Preschool Story Time (Thursday): Edwina (craft)
-Family Story Time (Thursday): Music (craft)


Story Time Themes

March 17- 23

-Family Story Time (Monday): Ducks & Geese
-Bookbabies (Tuesday & Wednesday): Opposites
-Toddler Story Time (Tuesday): Green
-Preschool Story Time (Wednesday): Spiders
-Afternoon Story Time (Wednesday): Green Things
-Bookbabies (Thursday): Pig Tales
-Preschool Story Time (Thursday): Elephant & Piggie Books
-Family Story Time (Thursday): Rhyming Time