Story Time Themes

September 8- 14
  • Family Story Time (Monday): Wolves & Sheep
  • Bookbabies (Tuesday & Wednesday): Fishies
  • Toddler Story Time (Tuesday): Cats & Dogs
  • Preschool Story Time (Wednesday): Feelings
  • Afternoon Story Time (Wednesday): Manners
  • Bookbabies (Thursday): Bears
  • Preschool Story Time (Thursday): The Letter "B"
  • Family Story Time (Thursday): Up in the Sky


Story Time Themes

September 1- 7
  • Family Story Time (Monday): closed 
  • Bookbabies (Tuesday & Wednesday): Things That Go!
  • Toddler Story Time (Tuesday): Colors
  • Preschool Story Time (Wednesday): Fish Tales
  • Afternoon Story Time (Wednesday): Friends
  • Bookbabies (Thursday): Opposites
  • Preschool Story Time (Thursday): The Letter "A"
  • Family Story Time (Thursday): Favorites


Preparing Preschoolers for Reading!

Who doesn’t want to give their kids a head start? 

IFPL is happy to present another series of Every Child Ready to Read. 
This free special emergent literacy program is designed to teach you and your child the skills they need before learning to read. The fun ECRTR story time workshops include songs, puppets, and free materials.

Choose between two workshops:
Mondays at 9:00 am OR Mondays at 10:30 am 
on September 15, 22, 29 and October 6, 2014.
 Classes are limited to families with a 4 or 5 year-old.
 Signing up is required and participants must commit to attend all four workshops.
 Questions? Ready to sign up? Call the Children’s reference desk @ 612.8457


Story Time Themes

August 25- 31
  • Family Story Time (Monday): Fireflies (craft)
  • Bookbabies (Tuesday & Wednesday): Hands & Feet
  • Toddler Story Time (Tuesday): Up in the Air! (craft)
  • Preschool Story Time (Wednesday): Hats (craft)
  • Afternoon Story Time (Wednesday): Creepy Crawlies (craft)
  • Bookbabies (Thursday): Opposites
  • Preschool Story Time (Thursday): Froggy Fun! (craft)
  • Family Story Time (Thursday): Lookin' Sharp! (craft)


Story Time Themes

August 18- 24
-Family Story Time (Monday): Tricksters
-Bookbabies (Tuesday & Wednesday): Piggies
-Toddler Story Time (Tuesday): Favorites

-Preschool Story Time (Wednesday): How Does Your Garden Grow? 
-Afternoon Story Time (Wednesday):Pets 
-Bookbabies (Thursday): Cows
-Preschool Story Time (Thursday): Sweet Treats 
-Family Story Time (Thursday): Barnyard Fun


Story Time Themes

August 11- August 17

-Family Story Time (Monday): Snack Time
-Bookbabies (Tuesday & Wednesday): Hugs & Kisses

-Toddler Story Time (Tuesday): Run, Jump, Dance!

-Preschool Story Time (Wednesday): Fairy Tales
-Afternoon Story Time (Wednesday): Silly Stories
-Bookbabies (Thursday): Dinosaurs

-Preschool Story Time (Thursday): Barnyard Blast
-Family Story Time (Thursday): To the Circus


Story Time Themes

August 4- August 10

*Family Story Time (Monday): Readers' Theater
*Bookbabies (Tuesday & Wednesday): Dogs & Cats
*Toddler Story Time (Tuesday): Farm Friends (Special Guest: Chik-Fil-A Cow)
*Preschool Story Time (Wednesday): Monkeys
*Afternoon Story Time (Wednesday): Breakfast and Other Food Tales
*Bookbabies (Thursday): Hugs and Kisses
*Preschool Story Time (Thursday): Gulp!
*Family Story Time (Thursday): Favorites